GlitterStar (glitterstarbeau) wrote in charles_exploit,

Goth Industrial Night

At the Pantheon on Thrusday was loads of fun. It's even better when you're sober.

Also, I checked out the Blind Tiger on Broad Street. It's a great bar. I would recommend it, but it's not cheap. It's a place to hang out with friends and pretend you have more money than you do. Also, went to Club Habana on Friday. They have a great cheese plate. Fun times were had by all.
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I'm thinking about going this thursday, but the thing is I gotta be at work at 7:30am, and be up and out of bed around 5-5:30am, so it makes things a bit tricky, unless I plan far enough ahead to adjust my schedule to where I sleep in the day....

But anywho, how much is the cover, and what are the times?
The cover is $10 for under, $5 for 21. It starts at 9pm, I think, and of course continues to 2am. I haven't arrived before 11, but I heard the earlier music is more fun.
that aint too bad then...i could make it at 9 then head out around midnight.